The Craftman [M] Sdn. Bhd. is an established event company services for your event management needs and wants! Our tagline – EVERYTHING’S POSSIBLE trying our best to think out of the box and make impossible to possible.

We plan and organize a wide range of events ranging from Corporate, Consumer, Social Events to Press Conference. To name a few like carnival, roadshow, launching, press conference, family day, wedding dinner, exclusive party, trade, networking, VIP events and many more.

The Event Management services we offer from event brief, event needs & wants, event planning, event conceptualization, event execution, event coordination and post-mortem reporting.The Craftman has an established reputation for taking the hassle and worry-free of organizing and managing events. We always do the best to offer superior services with maximum amount of personal care and attentions to ensure your needs are catered for. 

Every little minor thing leaves some sort of an impression and when you work with us, it’s always a positive one. We hope that when you outsource your event management to us, you can rest assured everything will be handled perfectly.

The Craftman [M] Sdn. Bhd. - Everything's possible!